Welcome to our FAQ page, where we have compiled answers to some of the most common queries parents and caregivers have about our services. Whether you are curious about starting services, insurance coverage, or cost, you’ll find the information you need right here.

If you don’t see your question listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team, who are always ready to provide you with the support and guidance you and your child deserve.

First, determine if you are going to use your insurance or be a private pay client. Please contact any of our 4 offices to see if we have availability to take your child. You will send your insurance information to referrals@carricopediatrictherapy.com. If your insurance requires an authorization, we will require an authorization prior to scheduling the initial assessment.

We are in network with Kaiser, Blue Shield of CA, Tricare, and IEHP (direct). Please email your insurance card to referrals@carricopediatrictherapy.com for our billing department to verify your cost.

Please email us at referrals@carricopediatrictherapy.com and someone from our financial department will reach out to you with our fee schedule.

Yes, we are a vendor with SGPRC, ELARC, and IRC.

Each child receives an initial evaluation prior to starting ongoing services. During the evaluation, your therapist will take into account parent concerns, clinical observations, and assessment results to determine if your child would benefit from therapy. Based on the results, they will provide you with your child’s current level of function, as well as a recommendation for the frequency of services to address the areas of concern.

We understand each child is unique, and our therapists are trained to be highly adaptable based on a child’s needs. For some children, predictability and structure help a child feel calm and attentive. For others, a play-based approach may be optimal for engagement. Our therapists understand how to identify a preferred environment for a child to bring out their best performance.

At a distance, it may look like your child is just playing during their session. That’s a good thing! Play is the primary occupation for children. It’s how they learn about their environment and gain essential skills as they develop. Our therapists strategically use play as a means to target and improve skills needed for children to gain independence.

Yes! To get the best results from therapy, it’s essential for families to continue recommended therapeutic activities at home throughout the week. Consistent carryover will drastically improve your child’s outcomes.

To ensure parents feel equipped with the proper tools to carry out exercises in the home, we highly encourage parents to be present during sessions. We permit 1 adult to be present in the session to observe. If you cannot observe in person, we have a remote option for viewing and can provide a link where you can watch the entirety of your child’s session in real time. Our therapists also dedicate the last few minutes of the session to parent education, where they will review how your child did during the session and give you exercises to perform at home.

Every child progresses at their own pace. Our therapists use the “just right challenge” to design and adapt activities so they are achievable and beneficial. This helps to ensure the child is performing at their optimal level, while building confidence in their own abilities.

The duration of therapy may be dependent on your funding source or insurance guidelines. Typically, our therapists reassess the child’s goals and progress every 6 months, and use assessments to assess developmental levels at the 1-year mark from the start date of therapy services.

Typically, to start sessions, we would start with a referral for an initial evaluation. The initial evaluation allows for our therapist to assess your child and determine if they recommend services. If services are recommended, and we receive approval for ongoing services, we will reach out to you to schedule ongoing services.

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